Terrae Galleries Wing Cabinet TM

The Wing Cabinet TM is a striking contemporary piece that will “own the room”.

Price:  $3995

We expect to have shippable cabinets soon.  Please provide your contact information and we will contact you when we have cabinets available.

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The Wing Cabinet allows a collector to display pieces of a fine collection on three contoured shelves while storing off-display items inside the two walnut cabinets in slide-out trays. This makes it easy to curate a collection and easily rotate the pieces on display periodically to maintain a fresh and interesting view of your collection.  Shelf displays, unlike enclosed glass cabinet displays, provide a beautiful unfiltered 3D viewing experience and can be beautifully accented with overhead track lighting.

The cabinet is highly crafted of solid walnut and cherry panels using classic joinery, construction, and finishing techniques.  No stains or dyes are used in this piece, just a simple hand rubbed tung oil finish.  The cherry shelves have beautiful contoured front edges that are also undercut and finished with a unique textured carving.  Walnut cabinet doors have beveled edges and are inlaid (cherry) with the five dot Terrae logo and feature imported gold painted Italian pulls.  The cabinet is user installable.


The cabinet comes installed with four trays, two in each cabinet, mounted on 6” Accuride ball bearing slides.  The interior dimensions of each tray are 7.5” x 6”.  Two additional trays may be added optionally, one to each cabinet, if you require additional tray storage capacity.  Note on terraegalleries.com site, the cabinet shown has one cabinet installed with an extra tray to show how this option appears.


Exterior: hand rubbed tung oil; Interior: black enamel paint; back panel: clear urethane; trays: black enamel paint; tray fronts: tung oil


Cabinet sides and doors:  solid walnut panel; Shelves:  solid cherry panel; back panel: 5 Ply Baltic birch; trays: Baltic Birch Ply with solid walnut fronts, lined with 100% wool felt (navy blue); pulls: 10.5” gold painted metal; hinges: SOSS concealed; Slides: Accuride 6” full extension, quick release; door catches: embedded rare earth magnets


Cabinets: half-blind dovetails, custom cut; shelves:  bottom shelf is screwed into cabinet A bottom panel; 2 contoured cantilevered shelves are mounted to cabinets A & B with a reinforced (stainless steel bracket) sliding dovetail. Back panels & tray bottoms are embedded (dado); tray corners are reinforced rabbeted joints.


Two trays are installed in Cabinet A and Two in Cabinet B for a total of four. The working height for collectibles in the trays is 9” for the bottom trays, and 4.75” for the top trays. Two additional trays may be purchased for $100 each, installed one to each cabinet, for a total of six trays. Working height for the bottom and middle trays for this configuration is 4.25”.


Weight: approx. 45lbs
Fasteners: 2 French Cleats with four (4) wall fasteners, either screws (into wall studs) or hollow wall anchors (into wallboard).
Bearing Load:  With two screws set properly into studs and two hollow wall anchors, 42.5lbs: 7.5lbs each shelf, plus 20lbs on cabinet interior trays. *

*42.5 lbs. is far below the bearing strength of the included wall fasteners, however, the cabinet was not designed to hold and display heavy objects, so we have not load tested it beyond 42.5 pounds as described.


User installable, installation directions, a bubble level, and needed drill bit and wall marking pin are included, as well as required fasteners.


7-day satisfaction
2-year materials & workmanship

As we have no control over the installation and loading, we are not responsible for any damages to the cabinet or displayed items resulting from improper wall mounting or overloading